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Niroshan Silva National President JCI Sri Lanka 2008

jcisrilankaJCI Senator Niroshan Silva assumes duty as the National President of Junior Chamber Sri Lanka for the year 2008. JCI Sen. Niroshan Silva sees him self as a ‘people person’ within the vast tapestry of business and society.

He enjoys and thrives upon his involvement with numerous groups of people with diverse backgrounds and schools of thought. Currently being the President of the Association of Human Resource Professionals of Sri Lanka, member of the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Training and Development Sri Lanka concurrently, has given him the opportunity to be a leader of many organizations in different capacities.

A Double Degree in Business management and HR Management from Australia and an MBA from Britain has re-enforced his ability to relate to people. Being a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming from London supports him in this mastery and promulgation. While professionally he is a strategic HR practitioner he is also the Managing Director of Training Consortium (Pvt) Ltd. His achievements give him the incentive to learn and teach to make a better tomorrow for all of us.

HSBC JCI TOYP 2007 Winners

“The JCI is one of the prestigious institutions in Sri Lanka,” HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives CEO David J H Griffiths stated. “There are many young people who have soared high above their talents. JCI has one of the largest youth chamber producing numbers in this world,” he added. JCI TOYP SRI LANKA 2007 (165 x 220)The Ambassador of the United States of America to Sri Lanka and Maldives Robert Blake Jr. said, “The people in the US and who are members of this chamber have the spirit that drives them to serve their community as well as serve lives. Leaders have a responsibility to serve the community they live in. This organisation produces millions of dollars to AIDS charity.”

TOYP program serves to recognise ten outstanding individuals whose personal and professional achievements in a chosen field are exemplary, outstanding and nationally beneficial. HSBC partnered the event for the third year in a row.

TOYP 2007 – Winners

Business and Entrepreneurial Accomplishment
Lal Keerthi Amarasiri Gunawardhana

Legal Accomplishment
Kuvera de Zoysa

Political Accomplishment
Faiszer Musthapha

Contribution to Media
Chevaan Devarathan Daniel

Environment Leadership
Deshamanya Sarathchandra Ramanayake

Contribution to Children, World Peace and Human Right
Bhavani Fonseka

Personal Improvement
KosalaUditha Kumara Dullewa

Personal Accomplishment – Sports
Conrad Anthony Francis

JCI to host TYOP awards in collaboration with HSBC

jcisrilankaThe Junior Chamber International (JCI) in collaboration with HSBC will articulate the path toward developing the most valuable human ‘real estate’ of the future – the youth in Sri Lanka – by hosting The Outstanding Young Persons Award (TYOP) in the island this October.

By Romany Arrowsmith

The award ceremony, set to take place on 11th October, will give the trophy, a large bronze cast of two hands, to ten ‘remarkable’ individuals who have performed or achieved superlatively within ten completely different categories, including: business, economic or entrepreneurial accomplishment; political, legal or public administration; academic leadership; contribution to arts, culture, literature or media; moral or environmental leadership; contribution to children, world peace and human rights; humanitarian or voluntary service; scientific and technological development; medical innovation or research; and personal improvement.

The selection process is described as a lengthy and arduous task. Entry coupons will be published in three languages for daily and nation-wide distribution for six weeks, during which time people can nominate themselves or a third party (providing the nominee is between the ages of 18 and 40, the classification of ‘young persons’ as defined by the JCI.

The first stage of judging is a ‘screening process’ in which finalists are chosen. These finalists will then be subjected to the second stage of selection where a panel of judges will decide who is to receive.

According to D.N.P. Project Chairman TOYP 2007 J.C Niroshan Silva around 125 applications consisting of scrapbooks of the individual’s accomplishments and any other relevant material – often a hefty amount of documentation, which Silva termed ‘comprehensive to say the least’ – are received each year and are shortlisted to about 40-50 individuals. The local winners will be able to compete on an international level with applicants from all over the world, and will be able to go all expenses paid to the international award ceremony to be held in Turkey later this year.

Silva cited 2006 in which only eight categories instead of ten contained participants with achievements of the necessary standard. JCI added that, on the other side of the coin, if all the entries were to be extraordinary, the selection would be correspondingly rigorous.

Moreover the adjudicators themselves are proven achievers – the panellists for 2006 included Dean Faculty Information Technology University of Moratuwa Dr. Ajith Perakum Madurapperuma and Group Finance Director Maharajah Organization Srilal Ahangama. The judges names are kept secret until the ceremony to avoid external influence or bias and ensuring the greatest transparency for the program.

“I have seen many individuals from humble backgrounds but with exceptional achievements coming onstage with tears…to accept their award” said National President JCISL Praneeth Peiris, expressing how the award has changed people’s lives. He also commented on how HSBC’s three-year partnership with JCI has been “able to increase the standard, colour and glamour” of the TYOP initiative.

Although the only Sri Lankan national to win a TYOP award was way back in 1980 by Yale graduate and internationally acclaimed artist Senaka Senanayake, CEO HSBC (Sri Lanka) David Griffiths expressed hopes that more distinguished individuals would come from the island.

“We must treasure the achievers of our land because it is they who raise the sights of all the others” Griffiths said, quoting an old saying. “I hope we will see a wide range of contribution from all regions of Sri Lanka.”

The Conference concluded with the presentation of a sponsorship cheque from Griffiths representing HSBC to the JCI. via…Financial Times

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Junior Chamber International Sri Lanka on leadership drive to empower youth

The Junior Chamber International Sri Lanka concentrates on leadership development and empowering young people to strive to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop leadership skills social responsibilities fellowship and entrepreneurship necessary to create a positive change. With this intention a one day training program has been organized by JCISL on August 21 at Hotel Hilton on the topic “Strategic Readiness Of Your Team – A Breakthrough Practice”, which is designed to provide an in-depth understanding to kick off or enrich the strategic management process in an organization.

The objectives of the programme are to comprehend the concept of strategic readiness as a break-through business practice, list-out key limiting factors that inhibit the strategic readiness of an organization and streamline the understanding of tools and initiatives that could leverage strategic readiness

The key result areas of the programme is to conceptually understand the model; authorize tools to assess the strategic readiness level of the organization; draft snapshots of the strategic readiness level of the Organization and three world-class best practices to enhance strategic readiness.

This has been designed to an audience of company CEO’s, Directors, Managers and Entrepreneurs and the cost for the program is Rs. 8500/-. The program would be conducted by two well known trainers of the corporate sector Mr. Rukmal De Silva and Mr. Tomi Astikainen (Finland) of Unleash Talent Inc.

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JCI Sri Lanka instills leadership skills in youth

“We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

The Junior Chamber International Sri Lanka or JCISL as it is known better in its strive to create leadership among young people held a training programme on youth empowerment recently.

By Jeevani Pereira

Led by JCI Senator Rukmal De Silva who is also part of ‘Unleash Talent Inc’, the training programme organized by the Kollupitiya Chapter focused on the concept of a hero through the leadership view.

“People say that a hero should be a leader,” De Silva said. “But the real question is that can you create a hero? A real leader is someone who can create heroes,” he reiterated.

With nearly 20 people aged between 18 and 40 from all spheres of management taking part in the programme, unique methodology and interaction was used to create awareness and impact.

“Everyone is trying to be a hero and often you find Managers of company’s hugging onto their work trying to do everything by themselves. In actuality getting other people to do the job is where the real skill lies,” he continued.

The Junior Chamber International which was established in 1914 in the United States came to Sri Lanka nearly 53 years ago. “We are not a charity organization,” spoke Ruwan Senanayake JCISL President of 2007 adding that they were totally dedicated to empowering youth and giving direction to young people between the ages of 18 and 40.

“We have four different spheres we focus on business, community, individual and International,” he continued. “Mostly working on training programmes, we also do projects mainly regarding community and when it comes to business we do programmes for entrepreneurs and HR people.”

During the ceasefire in 2002 the JCISL visited Kilinochchi a largely LTTE controlled area and donated spectacles to the needy. “We won the JCI Community Award that year,” Senanayake said.

Furthermore they had also done a training programme at the Welikada prison female ward as well as donating spectacles for the Opanayake eye centre. The TOYP awards for young entrepreneurs are also an annual event organized by the JCI.

The whole concept for the training programme on empowering youth was suggested by the national president on the same theme, something the JCISL believes is of extreme necessity for the youth of today in order to ensure confidence and improvement of skill. (YM)

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Jaycees “Empowering Youth”

JCISL Kollupitiya has organized a training programme “Empowering Youth ” today at the Hotel Janaki Colombo at 6.00pm.

This will be conducted by JCI Sen. Rukmal De Silva who is the Chief Visionary Officer of Unleash Talent INC and a Jt. CEO of Wild Drift. He’s a dreamer and an explorer who enjoys living on the edge and has a 33, passionate, creative, and an inspiring personality.

The training programme will coincide with the National Presidents theme for this year. JCISL Kollupitiya organizer training programmes on a monthly basis.

This programme will cover “Who is your HERO?”

Thanks to few heroes (compared to the total population), the world has moved. What would you like to be? A hero, is not it? But what is true leadership? Is it becoming the HERO or creating Heroes?

At the end of the program the participants will be able to: Understand definition of HERO from a leadership perspective; learn three simple strategies in creating Heroes in your day to day life.


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HSBC JCI TOYP Awards 2006 – recognises greatness in young Sri Lankans

The HSBC JCI TOYP awards ceremony was held on Friday, 15 September 2006 at the Ceylon Continental Hotel, amidst much glitter and excitement. The chief guest at the event was the honourable minister of tourism, Anura Bandaranaike, while the guest of honour was David J H Griffiths, chief executive officer, HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Inaugurated in Sri Lanka in 1980, The Outstanding Young Persons awards programme serves to recognise outstanding individuals whose personal and professional achievements in a chosen field are exemplary and nationally beneficial. The original TOYP programme was conceived and developed by the United States Junior Chamber in 1931 and was later adopted internationally by the JCI movement. World award winners include Orson Welles, Henry Kissinger, John F Kennedy and Senaka Senanayake (who is the only Sri Lankan to date to win an international TOYP award).

HSBC JCI TOYP award winners



Scientific and technological development Vijitha Sanjeewa Weerawarna
Academic leadership Lakshman Mahendra Kuruppu
Contribution to media Tharaka Wasalamudaliarachchi
Humanitarian and voluntary service Shehan Romesh Kumar
Political and public administration Buddhika Pathirana
Personal accomplishment Shanika Kalhari Watowita
Business accomplishment Rohan Pallewatta
Personal improvement Pradeep Nishantha Mallawarachchi

Sponsored by HSBC for the second consecutive year, the HSBC JCI TOYP awards programme attempts to confer recognition of nationally beneficial achievements and contributions as examples for the country’s youth. It is hoped that this will encourage Sri Lankan youth to channel their energies towards the betterment of their communities. This is also in line with HSBC’s objective of empowering and supporting Sri Lanka’s youth.

The Junior Chamber International – or the JCI, as it is popularly known – is one of the most prestigious organisations in Sri Lanka, drawing the cream of young, ambitious and enthusiastic individuals with a strong sense of civic responsibility.

They have made a commendable contribution towards the recognition of Sri Lankan youth – the future of the country.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Griffiths said, “we are delighted to sponsor The Outstanding Young Persons award for the second consecutive year. Through this sponsorship, we hope to contribute towards empowering the future leaders of our country: young individuals with the vision and determination to move beyond being merely ‘good’ and aspire to being ‘great’ by reaching new heights and standards of excellence.”

He continued, “It is said, that great work is carried out by those who are unafraid to take risks.

The recipients of today’s awards are great people in this sense: great, because they have not hesitated to venture out and make their dreams come true – great, because they are trying to make a positive difference… and it is the display of these characteristics that I commend them for.”

via… Financial Times

[We at Lanka Page honorably mention that this weblog was originally published by one of Sri Lanka’s most outstanding Jaycees of the ‘80’s]

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