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  1. Да.. Детали это главное.


  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


  3. I hope many Sri Lankans will start blogs like this and many view’s will be represented in the web to over come the Propaganda blogs born and raised by NGO’s which only represent one minor aspect of Sri Lankan community.

    BTW who is Ranjith Wijewardene? Please add little bit about you also here.


  4. Hello lanka page,
    Why you cannot stand true comments? You guys mean we always have to be bias on everything? That is rediculous.if it is shit, do we have to say it is sweet???That is the weakness of Sri Lankan media…. You guys cant stand for comments…in everything there is pro and con. Black and white…I’m pretty sure this won’t be here that long…but be true media…there are thousands of different comments….

    True is when people saw this time miss.sri lanka for universe, they were shocked because it is something international…these people going to represent sri lanka in a world pageant…I do not have any private offence with any of these contestants and I’m in a university in the United States…I just tell the truth what most of the people say and agree with…. I heard that from so many people…


  5. Greetings!..
    Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! 🙂


  6. Very interesting blog… There is a clear lack of news in Europe about the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka. It rarely makes the headlines in Western newspapers or TV-News and it’s good to have a constant source of information here.
    Keep it up!


  7. Lovely blog and I really enjoyed visiting your blog!


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