Lanka among cleanest in Asia Pollution Index 2015


Sri Lanka has emerged as one of the cleanest countries in the region in a global Mid-Year Pollution Index for 2015.

Ranking among the 12 cleanest countries in Asia, Sri Lanka comes far ahead of regional counterparts such as China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan and several other countries to rank 11th of 34 Asian countries.

The Pollution Index estimates overall pollution, with the biggest weight given to air pollution.

The ranking by the world’s largest crowd-sourced global database Numbeo follows a similar achievement in 2014 when Sri Lanka ranked highest in South Asia on the Environmental Performance Index, an exhaustive and highly regarded annual global environmental impact assessment study by Yale Universita USA.

Sri Lanka ranked ahead of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the 2014 study and continues to stay ahead in 2015.

Sri Lanka’s positive ranking on global environmental indices is encouraging, signalling effective environmental management policies, chiefly stringent air pollution management.

Notwithstanding a sharp increase in the vehicle population in recent years, with 6.5 million vehicles expected to be plying the roads by 2016, Sri Lanka has defied global trends in air pollution and shown no deterioration of ambient air quality.An achievement due, in large part to stringent VET programmes currently in place.

With vehicles being one of the primary contributors to air pollution, ensuring advanced, reliable and accurate emission monitoring through clean vehicle and fuel technology is a vital factor in ensuring successful air pollution management.

Comprehensive VET services play an invaluable role in controlling harmful emissions and preserving the environment, while value added services such as Fuel Efficiency Reports offer advice on maximizing fuel efficiency and extending engine lifespan. 


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