Kate Middleton and Prince William to take the Throne as Queen Elizabeth Retires


Rumors made rounds last week that Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch, is about to make another history by handing down the throne to Prince William and Kate Middleton, skipping Prince Charles.

OK! Magazine has reported that Queen Elizabeth II is giving up the throne after 63 years and has chosen to pass it down to the 33-year-old grandson instead of the 66-year-old Prince Charles who has been next in line for all his life.

But while skipping one generation might be possible because the Queen is a powerful woman, Celeb Dirty Laundry said the Queen doesn’t have the power to handpick the next King and Queen, unless of course Prince Charles willingly stepped down. And that’s what exactly happened, according to OK! Magazine, which made her wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, upset.

According to OK! Magazine, Prince Charles was initially outraged, but soon he saw the sense of it. A royal insider reportedly told the magazine, “It’s been a tough pill to swallow for Charles. He’s spent his whole life waiting to succeed his mother. He initially flew into a rage, ranting that the crown is rightfully his. But then he began to see her way of thinking.”

The source further said that the Queen’s choice is practical because the young couple are “simply far more beloved than Charles ever was” and that it is what the people want–for William and Kate to be King and Queen.

The Duke and Duchess were stunned, according to the report. They never believe something like this will happen. OK! Magazine said the coronation, estimated to cost $1 billion, will take place at Westminster Abbey possible shortly after the Queen’s 90th birthday next April.

But Gossip Cop said OK! Magazine fabricated the story and that a Buckingham spokesperson said it is not true–Queen Elizabeth II is not stepping down to make William and Kate the next King and Queen of England. The source exclusively told Gossip Cop that no such claim has been confirmed, nor is there any plan for Prince William to bypass Prince Charles to be the next king.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is set to receive a royal honor from the Queen-the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II, one of the highest honors she can bestow upon a female family member. The honor, which will be given in October, is a diamond-encrusted brooch featuring an ivory plaque of the Queen wearing the Order of the Garter, Vanity Fair reported.

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