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Tweets Now Visible on Google Search


NEW YORK: Now you can see Tweets in the Google search results as Google has added Tweets to their real-time search results on the desktop.

Google’s results will now show Tweets along with standard search results on your desktop, especially when search terms have to do with keywords that are trending on Twitter at the time the search is made, Slashgear.com reported.

For example, searching for ‘NASA Twitter’ will not only show you a link to NASA’s official Twitter page, it will also show NASA’s most recent Tweets.

In another example cited by Google, if you search for Malcolm X, and today is Malcolm X’s birthday, you would find popular-on-twitter results with a link to ‘more tweets for Malcolm X’.

The feature was already available for mobile browsers and on the Google app for both iOS and Android devices.


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Facebook Adds GIFs in Pages Posts


AMSTERDAM: Facebook has allowed businesses to post GIFs in Page posts.

According to The Next Web, Wendy’s, Coca-Cola’s Brazilian brand Kuat and BuzzFeed are the first businesses with the ability to share GIFs. These will appear in regular page posts as well as ‘Boosted’ posts but not in sidebar ads.

The company says it is only testing GIF support at present and will evaluate how it affects the user experience before rolling out it to more Pages.

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