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Robots to Attend School in Australia


MELBOURNE: Children in two South Australian schools will soon have new clasroom companions – robots.

For the first time in Australia, research is being conducted into how robots can be effectively implemented into primary and secondary school curriculums to improve classroom learning.

The three year research project, led by Swinburne University of Technology, will see two South Australian schools per term trial the use of NAO robots – humanoid robots developed by Aldebaran Robotics, a French robotics company.

Teachers will complete regular online surveys about the way the robots are being used to educate the students and encourage class engagement. They will also be asked about the challenges of using robots in the classroom.

“Robots are becoming a part of society. It is the responsibility of Australian schools to prepare their students with the skills needed for the future,” said lead researcher, Swinburne’s Dr Therese Keane.

While robots have occasionally been used in schools, there is currently no evidence or findings that suggest how robots can assist both teachers and students.

“Through the three year research programme, we hope to identify the ‘best practice’ way that robots can be implemented into school curriculums. We want the robots to improve classroom learning, not simply be a novelty or distraction,” Keane said.

Introducing robots into the school curriculum will also give the students first-hand access to coding and programming.

“One of the key features of the NAO robots is that they can be programmed to talk, dance and move around by the students using software on the computer,” Keane said.

“Coding has been identified as a necessary skill for the next-generation of workers. These robots give the students an accessible and fun way to practice and improve their coding skills,” Keane said.



Sri Lanka Elections GUIDE TO VOTING


The upcoming elections will be held to elect members for the 15th Parliament of Sri Lanka. Here are the basic requirements you have to fulfill to be eligible:

You have to be a citizen of Sri Lanka.

Your have to be at least 18 years of age.

Your name should be included on the Electoral Register.


Yes it is! Voting is a very important fundamental right of each citizen and allows each citizen to voice their opinions and choose the politicians they believe are the best to serve them. Even though it might seem like one vote out a million makes no difference, it is an important symbol of democracy and freedom of our country.


The 2014 Electoral Registers are being used for this Parliamentary General Elections and you can find out if you are registered by going to the Elections Department Electoral Register link. Enter your NIC number and verify your eligibility. You can also verify by contacting your Grama Niladhari/Divisional Secretariat.

If your name is not on the register, unfortunately you are unable to vote. However, if you are over 18 years old, take this opportunity to register your details, so you vote at the next election.


You should have already received what is known as a Polling/Ballot Card by now, a sample of one from the 2010 election can be found here. The Polling/Ballot Card is not mandatory at the time of voting as long as your name appears in the Electoral Register.

Verify which polling station is assigned for you, and you can visit and vote even without a polling card. You need to carry a valid identification documents such as:

National Identity Card,
Valid National Passport,
Valid Driving License,
Elders/Pension Identity Card,
Religious Identity Cards (for   clergy), Temporary Identity Card obtained from your Grama Niladhari.

While you can use either one of the above documents to prove your identity, expired passports and expired driving license will not be accepted.


STEP 1 – Choose a Party

Select just one party.
Use an X to clearly mark your vote.

All candidates you select in Step 2 should be from this party.

STEP 2 – Choose Candidates

Do not choose more than 3 candidates.

Use an X to clearly mark your vote.

All candidates you select in Step 2 should be from the party you select in Step 1

Every district has its own list. You can only vote for people running in your district.

Also note that there are no names on the ballots.

Check the candidate numbers before you enter the booth (they’re posted at the polling station)

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