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Gift a life: Pledge your organ save eight others


From dust we came, and to dust we shall return,” it is said in the Bible

The journey in between is filled with actions, some which are really good, and some that we may not be proud off. During our time on earth, when we take the road of realization, for certain, we know that we have a purpose to lead. It is just not the soul that has a purpose, this mortal body that your soul resides in too has some purpose.


One person can give life to eight others and change the lives of several more, by the simple deed of organ donation.

Every year, nearly 5 lakh people in India die waiting for organ donation. According to reports, there is a need of 2, 00,000 kidneys, 50, 000 hearts, and 50, 000 livers for transplantation, each year.


On the contrary, the number of people ready to donate their organ is as less as 0.26 per million. A relief is that the numbers of people who have come forward to donate their organs have increased over a period of time.

What needs to be done?

As a person if you are pained by the plight of the thousands who are in need of an organ, all you need to do is pledge your organs to be donated. After your death, your organs will help a patient live his life a little longer. Moreover, even if you are not here in your mortal form, your organs are still helping a life survive.


It is not important that you pledge your organs; you need to make your next of kin also aware of your decision. It is not enough that you consent to donate, the Indian law states that the decision is in the hands of the next of kin to decide whether to let the organs to be harvested.

The process

All you need to do to become a recognized donor is to fill a prescribed consent form that is available for downloaded from the ministry of health and family welfare, government of India. Also, you can approach authorized medical facilities for the same.

After the donor is pronounced dead, the lawful custodian of the deceased must give a written consent form in a prescribed application form.

It is not just the heart, kidneys, liver or eyes that can be donated. One can also donate their skin, tendons, bone, tendon etc. But some of these surgeries can be conducted only when the person is still alive, but brain dead.

Legal aspect

The concept of brain death was legalized by the government of India after the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), 1994, came into place.

Brain death is a situation in which the brain functions have ceased to function, while the vital body functions can be kept alive with the support of a ventilator for a short period. The artificial support can not last long, and in situation like these, if the family consents then a harvest can be done.

The oxygenation of the body keeps the organs in healthy condition till they are removed.

Be the change

There are many myths that are associated with donation. Till your last breath and after, your body will be treated with dignity by the doctors and the nursing staff. Donating the organs does not make you a deformed person. Moreover, there are not any religions in India that oppose organ donation.

Once you have pledged your organs, make sure that you always carry your donor card.

It is said that 90 percent of patient die waiting for a organ, you could help stop this. Be the change. Ensure that your body doesn’t just mix with the dust that it came from without serving its purpose.

Here are few organisation that you can approach:


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