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Mahinda Rajapaksa and the UPFA could win the August 17th election

Our newest calculations after checking all districts the UPFA will get 118 seats at the August 17th election.



‘Ha ha’ Most Used Happiness Expression on Facebook


NEW YORK Most people express happiness with “ha ha” followed by emojis, “he he” and “LOL (laughing out loud)”, says a recent Facebook research on e-laughing.

The vast majority of people are “haha-ers” (51.4 percent), then emoji lovers (33.7 percent), the “hehe-ers” (12.7 percent) and finally, the “lol-ers” (1.9 percent).

For those people who e-laughed, the Facebook team also analysed how many times they actually did.

“Nearly 46 percent of the people posted only a single laugh during the week while 85 percent posted fewer than five laughs,” the team wrote on Facebook’s official research blog.

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