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Russia pulls off a major hack of the Pentagon


It looks like Russian hackers made a significant breach into the Pentagon’s email system. Officials tell NBC News that Russia has launched a “sophisticated cyberattack” against the unclassified email system of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The hack has forced the Pentagon to shut down the email system for almost two weeks now and it’s affected more than 4,000 military and civilian employees who work for the Joint Chiefs.

“Sources tell NBC News that it appears the cyberattack relied on some kind of automated system that rapidly gathered massive amounts of data and within a minute distributed all the information to thousands of accounts on the Internet,” NBC reports. “The officials also report the suspected Russian hackers coordinated the sophisticated cyberassault via encrypted accounts on social media.”

It’s not clear at this time if the hack was specifically sanctioned by the Russian government or if Russian spy agencies conducted it on their own accord. However, the scope of the hack makes it clear that it was executed by a state actor, officials say.

Read more about the hack by checking out NBC’s full report



Rajapaksa Vows to Win Upcoming Lankan Parliamentary Elections


LONDON: Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has vowed to win the upcoming parliamentary elections with a clear majority.

According to the BBC, Rajapksa said that he was confident of winning more than half the seat in the election due on August 17.

Rajapaksa is hoping to become prime minister, however, the result is far from clear-cut.

He also said that they will easily secure 117 seats.

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