Windows 10 finally unveils with better features than its predecessor


Microsoft Windows 10, the next operating system from the Cupertino software giant, has been long awaited and finally rolled out of the stables today. Windows 10 debuted today and the launch wbe accompanied by a global marketing campaign, which the company hopes will be pivotal.

Windows 10 will be released for tablets and PCs first, and following the two platforms, the operating system will also show up on smartphones, gaming consoles and holographic headsets. The operating system will be free to download and around 5 million people, who have already enrolled in the test programme earlier, will get to download the new operating system right away. Those who already have a licensed version of Windows 7 and Windows 8, Home and Pro editions, will also be allowed to freely upgrade to Windows 10, any time, over the next year. Microsoft CEO said that he aims to see more than 1 billion devices using Windows 10, within the next three years.

Microsoft planned to skip Windows 9 and headed directly to Windows 10, in a move to distance itself further from the last release. The main reason was to help themselves and PC makers to erase the memories of the failed 2012 Windows 8 operating system, which had a jarring, unwieldy design. However, Analysts are unsure if Windows 10 will spur the industry back to growth.

So what is Windows 10 all about? What are the newer features that users will see? Well, a new streamlined browser has replaced the old, outdated Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, which MS hopes to give you a better experience. You can write or type notes directly on the web pages and share them with others. You can read online articles free of distraction and save your favorite reads for later access. Additionally, Microsoft has also added Cortana, a desktop version of the personal voice assistant, found on the Windows Mobile platform. Using Cortana, you get instant access to key actions – like making reservations or reading reviews – without leaving the page that you’re on.

Multi-tasking is better. You can snap up applications together, see all tasks running in a single window, create virtual desktops to get more space on your desktop, and a few other features are included.

Microsoft has also introduced Windows Store, a unified shopping experience across all Windows 10 devices. You can use it to download applications, music, videos, TV shows, Movies and games.

A new customized Start menu will greet you to a whole new experience. The new Start menu can be pinned with almost everything. These include apps, people, playlists and more. It also includes tiles which showcases your content without you even opening your app.

Windows 10 is also optimized to work and look complete across all devices, be it PC, mobile or tablet.

The task bar has also received a big facelift. Dumping the Windows 8 task switcher, Microsoft has replaced it with a new Task View, which helps users switch between apps and virtual desktops with great simplicity.

Though a small change but an important inclusion, Windows 10 incorporates a new edition of the Command Prompt. It will now allow you to paste commands directly from the keyboard, along with a few other keyboard shortcuts.

Continum is a great new added feature to Windows 10. It is an intelligent mode which automatically detects PCs, tablets and all-in-ones, whether they have a keyboard or not. Applications will automatically detect a keyboard or touchscreen mode, with the help of Continum, and decide whether to switch the input mode to onscreen or not.

Microsoft is also planning to merge the gaming console with Windows 10. The biggest Xbox franchises and the best of Xbox Live are coming to Windows 10. Start recording gameplay in seconds, compete against console players and stream games from your Xbox One console to your Windows 10 device from anywhere in your home.

Standard applications are bundled along with Windows 10, out of the box. These include Maps, Photos, Mail & Calendar, Music and Films and TV. Additionally, you can also download the Office applications from the Store.

There are many more features, small to big, that will be seen on the new Windows 10.



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