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Former President Abdul Kalam passes away


Former President A P J Abdul Kalam, a popular head of state between 2002 and 2007, today passed away at a hospital here following sudden illness. He was 84.

Kalam took ill at a function here and was rushed to the hospital, M Kharkrang, SP Khasi Hills, said.

The former President collapsed during a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management at around 6.30pm and was taken to the hospital.

Meghalaya Governor V Shanmughanathan and Chief Secretary P B O Warjri visited Bethany hospital where Kalam had been admitted.


LinkedIn brings back contact export feature


Late last week LinkedIn remove a feature that many users weren’t happy about losing. The feature that was removed was the ability to export contacts to a CSV file when you wanted to. The move left users wanting to export their contacts waiting for an archive process that could take up to 72 hours to complete. Many LinkedIn users didn’t like that idea at all and the backlash was significant.

LinkedIn has now caved to that user backlash and has reinstated the export feature. The export tool allows users to export contacts via a CSV or VCF file. With the export feature back, the contacts can be exported immediately.

LinkedIn decided to removed the self-service contact export feature to simplify the process according to reports. With the announcement that the export tool has been turned back on, LinkedIn says that its goal is to make user data available to the user within minutes.

If that was the goal to begin with, changing to the other export process that could take up to three days seems like an odd move to make. LinkedIn says that it is working to make the export process that it launched last week faster needing minutes not days to complete. Once that goal is reached, the network says that it will again turn off the CSV export tool to prevent scraping of user data.

SOURCE: VentureBeat

Google Glass can Help People With Autism


NEW YORK: A few enhancements and a piece of software will make the eye-wearable device Google Glass ready to help people with autism, media reported.

Autism, a developmental disability, is known to cause communication and behavioural challenges.

This software has been designed to help those with autism make eye contact, engage in conversations and more easily read social situations, said a report on wbir.com.

“It coaches eye contact directly, rewarding points to the child or adult with autism. Then, when they look at someone in the eye, their little computer screen shows the emotions the other person is feeling,” said Ned Sahin, CEO and founder of Brain Power.

The Brain Power system adds enhancements to the Google Glass or other wearable technology and then a suite of software.

“A mom can speak to her child through the device and actually see what he is seeing. We activate the camera so it becomes a remote version of her eyes,” Sahin said.

The glasses can help make someone relax by playing soft music and even has a solution to the fear of “wandering”.

Clinical trials for the new technology will begin this fall at Harvard Medical School. Brain Power hopes to begin releasing the product in the near future.


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