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Facebook Developing A Digital Assistant Called Moneypenny


Facebook appears to be trying its hand at a lot of things. A couple of weeks back it was rumored that the company was developing a music streaming service of its own but it was quick to rubbish that rumor. Today there’s a new report out which claims that Facebook is building a virtual personal assistant for the Messenger app that’s internally referred to as Moneypenny.

Bond fans will instantly get the reference, Moneypenny is the name of the secretary from the popular James Bond franchise of books and movies.

The Information reports that Moneypenny is not a virtual assistant that’s similar to Cortana or Siri, instead it’s a service which will connect users with “real people,” who will aid with “researching and ordering products and services, among other tasks.”

It appears that Moneypenny is more of a conventional concierge system as opposed to a digital assistant, there are quite a few companies already that are doing this which put users in touch with real humans for a variety of tasks including but not limited to ordering food to booking flights.

According to the report Moneypenny is currently being used by Facebook employees internally and it can’t be said for sure at this point in time when this new service could be added to the Messenger application.

Facebook has not commented on the report.


China’s stock market meltdown


China could be heading towards the biggest financial disaster since the 1929 Wall Street crash after shares on its stock markets nosedived, dropping by around 30 percent in less than a month.

More than $3.2 trillion has been wiped out in three weeks – an amount more than 10 times the size of the entire Greek economy.

The Chinese government has been scrambling to avert a crisis and has issued an emergency response to keep the flagging economy going.

Andrew Kenningham, a senior global economist at Capital Economics, told Counting the Cost that unlike Greece, which has dominated headlines this week, China was not facing a debt crisis but was dealing with a major stock market bubble and correction.


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