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All United flights are grounded right now


“Automation issues” have grounded literally every United aircraft this morning, and the FAA’s Air Traffic Control System Command Center currently doesn’t expect the ground stop to lift until 10:15AM Eastern Time at the earliest. “Automation issues” is another way of saying that United is having trouble with the back-end software and hardware that it uses to coordinate flights at the several hundred airports it serves. The FAA reports that the current grounding affects “mainline” aircraft only, meaning that United partners — the companies that operate regional United Express aircraft — may not be affected.

This isn’t the first time a software glitch has grounded United aircraft: an issue in early June resulted in a ground stop lasting roughly 30 minutes, but this one is running longer. We’ll keep you posted.


Twitter Would Love To Celebrate Your Birthday


How many of us actually remember the birthdays of our friends and close associates without the help of electronic tools such as social networks? I suppose only a small handful, as the likes of Facebook, Skype, et al have been used as the primary method of wishing someone else happy birthday. Well, Twitter looks like they would like to get on the bandwagon as well, taking a slightly different look at the situation by having a new option that will let a user share his or her birthday with selected audiences – the public included, although one can also just opt for a user’s followers, as well as a more closed group where “we follow one another.”

Alternatively, you can still enter your birthday, but take the route of not sharing it with anyone else. Yup, there are just so many different types of people out there. Of course, we are quite sure that Twitter would have some idea as to what to do with the millions of birth dates that they have received since introducing this new feature, as it would be potentially more valuable to advertisers, although the downside to it would be to have scammers pick up more information about you,

According to Robert Siciliano, an online safety expert to Intel Security, “The data might not be sensitive, but it can be used to gather additional sensitive information or in some cases be used to socially engineer either you, or a company you do business with. Beware that when adding this data to the public web, you are providing an additional way for advertisers to sell you to or a nefarious person to scam you.”

Would you share your birthday on Twitter? I guess if you have already done so on Facebook, it is not going to make too much of a difference.


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