The ONE Smart Piano Will Be An MFi Musical Instrument


Back in the day when trying to learn a new instrument, you would usually have to seek out a teacher and attend classes. However with technology, lessons and teachers can come to you instead, so if you don’t have time to schedule regular classes, you can always choose to learn at your own pace.

This is where the ONE Smart Piano and ONE Light Keyboard comes into play. Made by One Musical Group, these are instruments that can connect to your iOS devices and according to them, it will be the world’s first MFi-certified upright piano! Basically the idea is simple – you plug your iOS device, like an iPad, to the instrument.

From there users will be able to browse sheet music within the accompanying app and learn how to play those songs right off the bat. There will be LED lights embedded into the instruments to show which keys the player should press and they are good to go. There will also be video lessons to take users through the basics so if you’d rather have a teacher guide you, this feature might be of use to you.

The difference between the ONE Smart Piano and the ONE Light Keyboard is the former is designed to look like a regular upright piano with weighted keys. The latter on the other hand has been designed for portability in mind and resembles a musical keyboard and will feature a microphone jack and will be battery-powered for mobility.

Its creators are trying to raise funds to make the device a reality on Indiegogo so if you’d like to help out, hit up its Indiegogo page for the details.



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