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Ford Unveils eBike Concept That Can Be Stowed In Your Boot


If you want design of a bicycle and the speed of a motorbike, eBikes are probably your best bet. They are generally shaped to look like bicycles but come with motors that will allow them to move faster than your regular bike, sometimes giving riders the much needed boost to climb up steep hills.

While Ford might be known as a carmaker, the company has dabbled in other projects and recently the company has shown off its eBike concept on Twitter. Dubbed the MoDe:Flex, this is an eBike that can be disassembled by taking it apart in two equal pieces which can then be stored inside the boot of any Ford car, according to the company.

So why a Ford car? Why not any car that might have the trunk space? Well according to Ford on their YouTube video it seems that in the future Ford cars could come with the ability to charge your bike’s electric motor while you’re driving to your destination, a feature which presumably would be an exclusive to Ford’s vehicles.

Unfortunately it seems that at the moment, the Ford MoDe:Flex is currently in its prototype phase and Ford has yet to reveal the bike’s specs or when it will become available, if at all. However this isn’t the first time that Ford has dabbled in eBikes, like with the MoDe:Pro, so we can only assume that the specs should be somewhat similar.


Dropbox for Android gets design update, new features


Dropbox for Android has received an update that focuses on the app’s design and boosts its usability, the company has announced. Dropbox says there are new features in addition to the updated design, and included among them is the addition of a “plus” button for snapping a photo (among other things) and putting it straight into a folder, improvements to tools for finding files on the service, changes to file sharing controls, and more. The update is rolling out to users now.

The update brings Dropbox’s design more in line with modern Android standards, and is both straight forward and sharp. First among the changes is the addition of a “plus” button, which allows one to navigate within the folder where they want to store content and then add via “+” what they want to put in it — including going to the camera to snap a picture.

At the top of the menu on the right side is a new Search icon (magnifying glass), as well, which makes it easier to find content — it can also be used to search for queries inside of documents. To go through the folders, one merely needs to swipe right and left now.

Finally, there are those aforementioned sharing controls and file actions, which have been aggregated into the same place in the app — this makes it easier to perform an action regardless of where you are within the app. The controls are stored in the Info Pane, and include some additions like who is part of a shared folder and where folders are located.

SOURCE: Dropbox Blog

NASA To Fire Nuclear Weapons At Incoming Asteroids


The possibility of humans being extinct because of an asteroid colliding with the earth is a possibility, although I would like to think that before something like that happens, it would be us humans who would wipe each other out beforehand instead.

Anyways, theoretically speaking, if an asteroid were to be on a collision course with our beloved planet, what are our options? NASA might be part of the solution, as they have worked out a partnership with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), where the latter happens to be a branch of the Department of Energy that is “responsible for enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear science”.

Ah, so the “Armageddon” movie scenario repeats itself, and hopefully it will not come with a love story thrown into the mix. Perhaps this new partnership might see a viable solution as rocket specialists and nuclear specialists work together, sharing their knowledge in saving humanity from the threat of possible extinction. So far, computer simulations have pointed to the possibility of success when it comes to disintegrating a medium-sized space rock, although a more viable solution would be to make use of a nuclear bomb to deflect the asteroid – as opposed to blowing it to bits, where the fallout might prove more catastrophic.


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