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Chinese manufacturer’s new phone has a 10,000mAh battery!


The last decade has seen an exponential increase in processing power, while battery life has more or less remained the same. With no new battery technologies ready to reach consumers, the only option is to increase the battery capacity, and Outkitel, a Chinese manufacturer is doing just that.

Reports state that Outkitel is working on a phone with a 10,000mAh battery, and this phone is supposed to last for a whole week on a single charge. At a time when smartphones barely make it through the day, this seems like a step in the right direction. Of course, this also means that your smartphone will be bulkier, but we would prefer a longer lasting phone over a slimmer one any day. Once it’s out, Outkitel’s smartphone may race past our current battery champion, the Huawei Ascend Mate 2, which sports a comparatively diminutive 4000mAh battery.

Images of this smartphone have leaked recently, and it seems that the smartphone will run on Android 5.1. According to the reports, the smartphone is just a prototype right now, but it may make its way to the market soon.

Of course, Outkitel is a manufacturer that you probably have not heard about, since it sells smartphones only in China. We hope that its latest smartphone is the start of a larger trend, sacrificing slimness for larger batteries.


World twists and turns on Yoga Day


PM leads nation; India sets two records

India on Sunday stretched its soft power with the celebration of Yoga around the world – from Taliban-stronghold Herat in Afghanistan and conflict zone at Marjeyoun in south Lebanon to Eiffel Tower in Paris and Trafalgar Square in London.


Except Pakistan, India was joined by all its neighbours to celebrate the first International Yoga Day with special sessions at Peking University in Beijing, Galle Face Green on the shore of Arabian Sea in Colombo, Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre in Dhaka, Embassy of India in Kathmandu, Royal Institute of Management in Thimphu and the Thuwanna Indoor Stadium in Yangon.


Pakistan stayed away from the global celebration. An event was, however, held within the High Commission of India in Islamabad.

In Afghanistan, apart from capital Kabul, the day was celebrated at the site of Salma Dam, a hydroelectric-cum-irrigation project being built by India in Herat, which is still a stronghold of Taliban.


With more than 170 countries observing the Yoga Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned against commodifying the ancient Indian wellness exercise.

“Yoga is not a commodity. Yoga is not a brand which has to be sold. If we make yoga a commodity, then we will cause the maximum damage to it,” Modi said at a conference here, after taking part in the early morning mass yoga session with 35,985 people on the Rajpath.

The effort created two Guinness records: First, for the largest yoga demonstration (35,985 participants) at a single venue, second, for the largest number of people of various nationalities – 84 – performing yoga at one place.
The prime minister’s comments on yoga commodification came against the backdrop of United States-based yoga trainer Bikram Choudhury claiming copyright on some of the “asanas” (postures), triggering a debate on the intellectual property rights.

The US authorities later clarified that yogic postures were outside the scope of copyright protection.

Modi, however, acknowledged the contributions of foreign-based yoga trainers in popularising the traditional fitness regime.

The support it received in the United Nations was not because of India, but due to the great tradition of yoga.

Yoga practitioners are there in almost every country. “We will take the movement forward for better health,” he said.

The UN celebrated the unique cultural heritage of India on its premises in New York, with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj joining the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. In India, Yoga Day was celebrated across the country.

In Gujarat, Chief Minister Anandiben Patel took part in a session and practised “asanas” for almost 35 minutes along with more than 70,000 participants. In Karnataka, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah observed, “There is a special connect between Karnataka and Yoga. B K S Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois from Mysuru and other gurus have put yoga on the world map.”


Ello, the privacy focused social network, goes public


Since Edward Snowden’s revelations, we all have become concerned for our privacy, and seizing this opportunity, Ello, the privacy-focused social network that went live last September, has gotten rid of its invite system and is now available for everyone.

Ello’s founders are targeting users who are unhappy with companies like Google and Facebook that offer services for free in exchange for user data which they use to deliver advertisements. Keeping this in mind, Ello doesn’t display any advertisements and its founders have promised that it will not record or sell your data, and that it will remain free of advertisers.

With respect to revenue generation, Ello’s founders have stated that they will earn money by charging for small premium features built into the social network.


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