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iPhone 6s to be released in the same September slot


Apple fanboys get saving, because it looks like the company will be taking your hard-earned cash again later this year – same time, same place. Based on a new leak, it appears that the iPhone 6S will be released on September 25, so you may want to book the day off work.

Apple shook the tech industry last year with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and based on a new leak, will be hoping to do the same this September too.

Mobile News has reportedly got hold of an internal memo sent to network provider Vodafone, which reveals that a “new iPhone” – presumably the iPhone 6s – will be released on September 25. The leak also claims that pre-orders will kick off a week earlier on September 18.

While it’s hardly the most surprising news, considering that last three iPhone flagships also launched in Apple’s regular September slot, the leak quashes previous rumours that the iPhone 6s would launch a month before.

Although don’t take the news as gospel just yet. Apple’s production line has encountered all types of problems in the past, so the release date may well change.

The leak notably didn’t mention the arrival of the iPhone 6s Plus or plastic-clad iPhone 6c, which have both been tipped to launch with the 6s. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

According to recent leaks, the iPhone 6s will flaunt the same uber-svelte design as the iPhone 6, but new components are expected to be added.

For starters, we’re expecting the 6s to sport a sapphire glass display – a scratch resistant material that was slated to appear on the iPhone 6 but manufacturing problems reportedly got in the way.

The Taptic Engine and Force Touch from the new MacBook and Apple Watch are also rumoured as well as a significant camera boost.


5 ways to make virtual meetings as good as the real thing


These days, it’s increasingly difficult for companies to get all of their employees in the same building at one time, much less the same room.

Some companies are headquartered in one city, but have offices in others with a handful of employees or even ones who work from home. That’s why more companies are turning to virtual meetings. In fact, 32% of all meetings are conducted virtually.

There are obvious advantages to these types of meetings: They’re cost-effective, easy-to-use, and allow everyone to communicate from almost any location.

Still, it’s challenging to make meetings as engaging, efficient, and productive as the “real” thing. Here are five ways to jump-start your next virtual meeting:

1. Encourage interactivity.
One of the main drawbacks of virtual meetings is that you don’t always have that ease and familiarity with the coworkers in your office. But just because you’re not sitting in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t engage in office banter or small talk to make meetings more enjoyable.

Make your meetings as interactive as possible by doing something as small as starting the meeting by asking everyone how they’re doing (in their respective part of the world), calling on people, and eliciting feedback.

2. Make sure everyone knows the purpose of the meeting.
There’s nothing more annoying than going to a meeting without knowing what the goal is. Be sure to circulate an agenda and all necessary materials ahead of time, and let everyone know what you hope to accomplish. Structure the meeting so you address all of the most important points and can reach a decision by the end. Otherwise, you might waste time on a conversation that could have taken place over e-mail. Everyone’s time is valuable, including yours.

3. Use reliable technology.
Technology can either be a saving grace or a burden. For virtual meetings especially, you have to make sure your tools are intuitive and reliable. Technical difficulties – or disturbances like frequent software updates – can quickly ruin any meeting. Consider using join.me by LogMeIn, which offers free, instant screen-sharing, unlimited audio, and recording (if you upgrade to Pro).

4. Enforce etiquette.
Even if you’re not in the same place for a meeting, the same etiquette rules should apply. For example, it’s still not polite to look at your phone when someone else is speaking, and meetings are not an appropriate time to answer e-mails. Similarly, it’s just as important to be on time. Emphasize these guidelines before each meeting and remind everyone to treat virtual meetings the same as in-person ones.

On that note, if you’re in charge of scheduling a virtual meeting, take time zones into account and try to find a convenient time for everyone. No one likes having a meeting at the tail end of his or her workday.

5. Be selective about who is invited.
Unsurprisingly, meetings are even harder to schedule when there are a lot of people involved. And they can get out of hand when there are several people talking at once. Avoid having “too many cooks in the kitchen” by narrowing down the invite list to only those who absolutely have to be included and just relay information to only those who need to know the results.


Edward Snowden Discussed US Surveillance With Argentine President In Russia


Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and Argentine President Christina Kirchner discussed U.S. surveillance issues, Snowden’s lawyers told the Buenos Aires Herald. In April, Snowden and Kirchner sat down in Moscow for a meeting that lasted 2 1/2 hours, Reuters reported Thursday.

The Buenos Aires Herald reported Saturday Snowden lawyer Anthony Romero said “surveillance issues” were discussed during the meeting. “It’s notable that she is the first foreign leader to meet him, and it’s an acknowledgement that he has played an important role,” Romero said.

Indeed, Snowden’s meeting with Kirchner was the whistleblower’s first with a head of state. Romero said Snowden is looking to meet with more political leaders.

“He wants to meet with any political leaders who request to meet him. We need an international solidarity movement to vindicate, to make a point that he has made more good than harm,” Romero told the Herald.

Kirchner had kept her meeting with Snowden secret until Romero’s remarks Thursday revealed the occurrence. Spokespeople for the Argentine government declined to provide more information on the meeting when asked by Reuters.

Snowden is seeking asylum in Russia where he has been in exile since 2013. At a press conference in March, one of Snowden’s attorneys said her client is “homesick” and wishes to return to the United States, the Los Angeles Times reported. But the attorney said Snowden fears he would not get an open and fair trial.

“We wouldn’t have known that the U.S. government was collecting all that data on U.S. citizens and foreigners without his revelations. I think he is a patriot, one of the human leaders of the 21st century,” Romero told the Herald.

Agence France-Presse said the Herald interview with Romero, who serves as executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union as well as Snowden’s lawyer, was published in a question-and-answer format Saturday.


American Pharoah becomes first Triple Crown winner in 37 years


Congrats to Victor Espinosa, Bob Baffert and American Pharoah on winning the triple crown!!!!!!

Triple Crown winners

1919 — Sir Barton

1930 — Gallant Fox

1935 — Omaha

1937 — War Admiral

1941 — Whirlaway

1943 — Count Fleet

1946 — Assault

1948 — Citation

1973 — Secretariat

1977 — Seattle Slew

1978 — Affirmed


2015 — American Pharoah

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