Low-Cost Windows 10 With Bing Could Be In The Pipeline


It’s common for Microsoft to release several different versions of its desktop operating system, Microsoft has already confirmed some of them, though according to a new report it seems that a Windows 10 with Bing version is in the pipeline as well. Basically it’s going to be a low-cost version of Windows 10 that’s going to lean heavily on Bing for most services, it won’t offer some of the core functionality that users will get on the base Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro editions.

A purported internal slide from Intel has leaked online which shows a product roadmap that mentions “Win 10 W/Bing.” It just might be an indication that Microsoft’s “With Bing” program is going to continue with Windows 10.

Microsoft confirmed Windows 8.1 with Bing last year. PC manufacturers can get it for their products at little or no cost at all, it’s aimed at smaller devices and tablets which are very competitively priced.

The reason why Microsoft takes little or no money from OEMs for using Windows with Bing is because if it did take money for software, it wouldn’t be possible for OEMs to sell those devices at those competitive rates without having to make room for software licensing fees as well.

So far Microsoft has not confirmed or denied if Windows 10 with Bing is indeed going to be made available, Intel has not commented on the authenticity of the leaked internal slide.



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