Microsoft Wi-Fi Could Be Launched Soon


It appears that Microsoft is gearing up to launch a new service called Microsoft Wi-Fi, which will basically be a revamp of the existing Skype Wi-Fi service that’s already available in many markets. Skype Wi-Fi provides pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi connectivity through millions of local hotspots. Users only pay for their connection time and not for data used, and they pay with Skype Credit. Microsoft Wi-Fi would not only be a rebranding but may bring about a substantial expansion for this service, and even a tie-in with business.
A barebones website is already up and running, MarkMonitor is listed as the domain owner, which is brand management company that also manages the domain for so there’s no question about this being an elaborate fake.

Since Skype Wi-Fi will certainly bite the dust when Microsoft Wi-Fi arrives, it appears that users will no longer be able to pay for the service with Skype Credit. Microsoft may launch the new service under a subscription based model, or use carrier billing. Details on the payments are limited at this point in time because the company hasn’t made an official announcement yet.
Microsoft Wi-Fi may be provided to Office 365 subscribers for no extra charge, users could also get the service under the company’s Work and Play bundle.

The website mentions that users will get access to over 10 million access points around the world with this service, while Skype Wi-Fi only provided access to some 2 million hotspots.
It’s going to be cross-platform, working on Windows PC, iOS and Android. No word as yet from Redmond on when it will officially announce Microsoft Wi-Fi.



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