Google introduces a new Identity Platform for secure login


Google has announced a new Google Identity Platform that gives developers a suite of tools to secure apps. The new tool allows users to sign in to third party apps with their Google Login similar to the way they login into service like Gmail, Play, Google+, and other Google services.

The platform has three flagship tools including Smart Lock for Passwords, Google Sign-in and Identity Toolkit. Smart Lock comes with an integrated password manager that allows users to sign in automatically to Android apps. The feature also supports auto fills credentials on websites viewed with Chrome. Smart Lock prefills login credentials across devices and prompts the app to save a password for future use. The tools have been used by Google to secure its services internally for some time now and have extended the functionality to third-party apps and developers through APIs now.

Google Sign-in allows users to securely connect to an app or site. The feature enables users to sign in with a Google account to log onto other third-party apps that integrate Google Sign-in. According to a report, New York Times claims that it has experienced a significant increase in new user sign-ups due to the new easier Google Sign-in. Google Identity Toolkit comes with a comprehensive authentication system which the company describes allows developers to “do sign-in the right way.” The toolkit grows with apps and supports email and password authentication. Nontechnical developers can utilize the toolkit with simple configuration changes that add future sign-in options and migrate existing users.

Earlier today Google has also announced a ‘My account’ dashboard for users provides a ‘step-by-step guide’ through the users most important privacy and security settings. The new tool will give users more clarity on what information the internet giant can see from profiles and will also enable users to limit Google from logging their activities on PC’s and mobile devices. The internet giant has been working to boost the security of its Web and mobile apps and has started tweaking its search ranking algorithms to encourage more websites to use secure encrypted connections. Last year, the company announced encryption for all Gmail messages.

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