Top 10 Smartphone Makers in Q1 2015: Chinese OEMs Takeover Sony and Microsoft


The smartphone market is filled with tons of smart devices ranging from low to high end segment. Its an ever-changing system to keep track on the top smartphone brand. For instance, a few years ago, Nokia was holding the top position, then Samsung started ruling the smartphone market.

With the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple saw a record-breaking sales for its iPhone lineup, for the first time it tied with Samsung for the first place. However, Samsung offers everything from low to high-end devices and took its position back.

Communities Dominate Blogs has provided a list of top 10 OEMs in the world. The list shows the sale of smartphone makers whose handsets are running iOS, Android, Tizen, Windows Phone, and Firefox operating system, in the first quarter of 2015.

According to the list, in the first quarter of 2015, Samsung holds its top position again with sales of 82.8 million devices and 24.3 percent of market share. While Apple makes it place at the second position with 61.6 million sales and 17.9 percent of market share.


Unfortunately, two most renowned smartphone brands; Sony and Microsoft couldn’t make their entry in the top 10 list. Chinese smartphone brands have replaced these two key manufacturers in the list.

Lenovo holds third place in the list with 18.7 million unit sales (including sale of Motorola unit) and manages to grab 5.5 percent of market share.

Huawei holds the forth place followed by LG at fifth, with 17.5 million units and 15.4 million units sale respectively. Xiaomi, ZTE, Coolpad, TCL fill up the remaining place.

For the first time, Vivo has made its entry in the list at the tenth position with 9.3 million sale grabing 2.7 percent of market share.


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