Salman Khan verdict: Have we spoken anything about those poor who were overrun?


So Bollywood star Salman Khan has been convicted by a Mumbai sessions court in the 2002 hit-and-run case. “So, justice has been delivered,” feel many of us. [Follow updates of Salman Khan’s conviction]

In our system of functioning, a big celebrity getting convicted is indeed a news. But to those who are celebrating the ‘delivery of justice’, we intend to put a couple of questions before them: Have we taken note of the individuals and families who were shaken by Salman Khan’s reckless SUV on that fateful night of September 28, 2002?

Are we treating all parties to the case equally?

The justice itself is a farce

The conviction of Salman Khan is in itself a farce for it has taken place after almost 13 years. And it doesn’t really make any difference for the super-rich in this country for they have only added values to their incomes, assets and publicity all these years.

A celebrity wins even in adversity

The hit-and-run-case itself begins and ends with the actor’s name, which shows how much our system of justice is crippled. If a faceless Indian rams his vehicle into Salman Khan’s swanky SUV or whether it is the other way around, it is always Salman Khan who will take the cream of the cake.

Has our elitist media bothered about those poor victims?

But apart from the snail-paced judiciary, the elitist media of this country also adds more to the disappointment. Almost 13 years since the tragedy that killed one and injured a few more, have we ever seen or heard them on any stage?

Even in Salman Khan’s conviction, we are celebrating his stardom: What a pity

Today, the media is showing Salman Khan’s family and friends praying for him or that he is in tears, but have we ever heard similar expressions from those at the receiving end? Why is this celebration of conviction? The Bollywood’s camaraderie is famous, but why sympathise so much for an individual who has been proved to be a guilty?

Is our transition from democracy to plutocracy nearing a successful completion?


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