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President instructs that immediate relief be provided; over 25 specialist doctors to fly to Nepal


President Maithripala Sirisena has expressed his and the government’s consolation to the people who fell victim to the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday. Issuing a communique earlier Saturday evening, the President’s Media Division says that the Head of State had instructed the respective divisions to provide every possible relief that could be given from the Sri Lankan Government to the people in Nepal.

The communique reads that a special discussion on providing relief to the quake affected Nepal took place on Saturday evening at the Presidential Secretariat presided by the Secretary to the President. It goes on to say that a group of 26 specialist doctors attached to the Sri Lanka Army and four specialist doctors from the Ministry of Health will leave for Nepal at dawn on Sunday.

The communique goes on to say that a consignment of medicine and dry rations will also be sent to Nepal, along with the team of medical personnel. It also says that another medical team of 180 personnel from the Sri Lanka Army are on standby to be sent to Nepal, if the need arises.

At the discussion that took place on Saturday, it was decided that a group of Sri Lankan students in Nepal can return to the country, if they wish to do so, aboard the same C130 Sri Lanka Air Force plane that will carry the medical team to Nepal on Sunday.









Turing Phone is extra-secure and stronger than steel


Turing Phone is an extra secure smartphone made with liquidmetal and comes with a “decentralized authentication technology” for additional security. The Turing phone is priced at $740 (Rs. 45,500 approx.) for the 64 GB version and $870 (Rs. 53,400 approx.) for the 128 GB variant and will start shipping in August.

The smartphone is made by Turing Robotic Industries, a San Francisco-based company. It has a unique body made from liquidmetal, which is a strong alloy made of five metals that’s often used for smaller parts, but has never been used for a whole device till now. According to the company, the material is tougher than both titanium and steel, which protects it from drops and scratches. The Turing phone is not waterproof, but the company said that could change.

It comes with a decentralized authentication technology which allows the device to recognize other devices like it and exchange information securely without having to verify things with a third party. Turing says that this authentication method creates a protected network that is “entirely insulated from cyber-threats and privacy intrusions”.

The smartphone has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor on the side for unlocking the phone. On the bottom of the phone is a magnetic charger like Apple’s Magsafe. Other specifications of the Turing Phone include a 5.5-inch 1080p display and a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor with 3 GB of RAM. The smartphone has a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera.

TRI states, “TRI’s technology provides a dramatic improvement over the logic of Identity-Based Encryption, because both the master public key and the unique private key are anonymously pre-bundled into the phone”.


Microsoft Office app racks up more than 100 million downloads

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that the downloads of its Office apps have crossed the 100 million milestone on Android and iOS platforms. The Office Apps were made free for iOS and Android last year.

Nadella revealed the numbers during Microsoft’s financial results call. The company reported an overall revenue increase by 6 percent to reach $ 21.7 billion, due to the increase in demand for its Surface tablet, back-end server software and cloud-related offerings such as its online Office 365 suite of applications.

Even though it’s available for free, the download numbers prove that Microsoft’s Office App is in demand across multiple platforms. As a part of its growth strategy, Microsoft has been making its software and services available across iOS, and Android platform over the last year.

Microsoft’s free and popular Office mobile apps may also be contributing to an increase in Office 365 subscribers. It revealed that it now has over 12.4 million consumers who are paying for Office desktop apps and cloud services. Other Microsoft apps like Outlook, Word and Skype are also regularly featured in the top 100 charts of free apps in the App Store.

Microsoft launched Office for iPad last year and stated that it plans to extend its services on other platforms soon. In November, Microsoft made the Office suite free for the iPhone, iPad and Android. This allows users who don’t subscribe to Office 365 to create and edit documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. However, the company has kept some features for Office 365 subscribers like unlimited OneDrive storage and Dropbox integration. Read: Microsoft Office Online gets a slew of new features


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