Must Have Skills For Techies To Increase Value In 2015


IT majors are providing hyper-converged infrastructure appliances that help organisations streamline deployment and scale out of software-defined IT infrastructure

With increasing organisational complexity, companies are becoming more open to the value of seamless and transparent architecture and delivery platforms.

As such, several IT majors are entering this arena by providing hyper-converged infrastructure appliances that help organisations streamline deployment and scale out of software-defined IT infrastructure at the speed of business.

Take the case of VMWare. The company recently announced the availability of VMware EVO: RAI for the Indian market through its Qualified EVO: RAIL Partners.

The aim is to help midsize businesses that require flexible and open architecture to simplify IT operations and transform the speed and efficiency of application service delivery.

“With this, VMware and its Qualified EVO: RAIL Partners are bringing the simplicity of consumer appliances to the world of enterprise infrastructure. VMware EVO: RAIL is a new building block for software-defined data centre environments that take the guesswork out of building, deploying, scaling and managing software-defined infrastructure services,” said Arun Parameswaran, managing director, VMware India.

On similar lines, SAP delivered its new generation planning in cloud earlier this year. It’s called the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

“The results of our recently published research on next-generation business planning underlined the importance of using a dedicated planning application with advanced analytics and collaboration-in-context capabilities,” said Robert Kugel, senior vice president and research director, Ventana Research.

“Data showed there is a correlation between the use of advanced analytics, more effective collaboration, gaining accuracy and agility in a company’s planning processes.”

The new solutions are centered on the user so as to enable a natural flow among analyses, planning, collaboration, consumption and impact delivery of information. And this is where skill requirements will have to change.

“Yes, we do need specialists (in IT) but we are also looking for people who can stitch together across platforms and offerings,” said Ganesan K, CEO, GA Software Technologies, at the Industry-Academia Connect 2015, a platform for HR professionals to synergise and exchange ideas.

“This is a critical success factor – whether in BI, innovation or design expertise,” said Puneet Aggarwal, HR head, eNT Data Management Solutions.

“Much more than technical issues, a lack of this alignment is the biggest reason for dissatisfaction with client servicing initiatives,” he said.



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