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Will your next iPhone be made in India?


Chinese company that manufactures the iPhone for Apple, is planning to set up two new phone manufacturing plants in India along with a smaller R&D centre. According to the Times of India, the two plants will be established in Noida and Gujarat while the R&D trial production centre will be based in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh.

While Foxconn hasn’t revealed what it will manufacture in the new plants, it wouldn’t be a surprise if iPhones are in the mix since Foxconn is Apple’s largest manufacturing partner. On the other hand, Foxconn also makes devices for a wide variety of companies including Acer, Blackberry, Cisco, Dell, Sony and Xiaomi, all of whom are serious about the Indian market. Sources close to Foxconn told the Times of India that the company’s plans would be subject to the Indian govt.’s ‘Make in India’ policy.

These new plants won’t be Foxconn’s first manufacturing plants in India. The company already had three plants that manufactured Nokia handsets but all three plants have since closed in light of Nokia’s woes and eventual sale to Microsoft.


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