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Start-Ups Tend To Make These 3 Social Media Mistakes


Venture capitalists and consultants wonder if people behind budding companies can build a reliable brand using social media and take on the biggies

Social media is a powerful branding tool and start-ups are learning to leverage it. But are they doing it the right way? Are people behind these budding companies geared up to build a reliable brand using social network?

Venture capitalists and consultants have their doubts and some advice.

“Though budding entrepreneurs, whether in IT or flower export, have realised the power of social media but not many understand the delicate balance required when entering this powerful medium,” RG Sudhakar, chief technology developer, Civet Technologies, told TimesJobs.com.

“While established companies have a loyalty base managed by seasoned professionals, start-ups tend to be overenthusiastic to make inroads online,” said Sudhkar.

So what are the mistakes founders of start-ups often make while creating a social media strategy?

1. Not identifying the right audience

“Though start-ups get basic demography such as age, location and specific interests correct, they often go wrong in identifying the group within this segment that can influence and help build their brand. Thus, their online activities spread out, recording partial impact,” said Sudhakar.

2. Annoying the audience

Vineetha Sriram, a freelance ghost-blogger and content developer for several big IT product companies, says: “Just because you can post to your brand’s Twitter and Facebook feed everyday doesn’t mean you should.”

“Social media offers a virtually free and immediate connection to the target audience. Thus care needs to be taken to not be too frequent and make the target turn away from your brand. The trick to boost your brand is by delivering consistency, when the target looks forward to your next contest or comment,” Vineetha said.

3. Being different just for the sake of it

Taking a direction that breaks away from traditional norms can be a good thing but doing so with a marked change in packaging with the offering just another run of the mill can often be a letdown.

“People tend to share information and opinion very fast in social media. So you can actually gain in terms of funding or marked increase in prospective customers. Thus, respecting the individuals at the other end is important in terms of what and how frequently they encounter your brand,” Vineetha said.


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