How To Become A Successful Software Developer: 13 Steps


Software Development is no longer considered as an art. But it was made as an engineering practice. A successful software developer is a person who is able to write each line of code with passion. And passion cannot be obtained by any software engineering degree, it must come from within yourself.

1.Be passionate about the being a software developer. If you are not passionate for sitting in front of the PC for the whole day, simply enjoying the lines of code you write; this is not for you.

2.Always start with the simple hello world.

3.Don’t try to learn all the programming languages. What you need to know is the concepts.

4.Don’t start programming with a languages such as C/C++. Try something like Java or C Sharp.

5.When you face an error. Always tell to yourself, “I’m NOT ALONE, Someone in this world should have faced the same error before”. And GOOGLE the exact error message. Chances are 99% you will find the answer.

6.Be more public. If you will not show others that you are cool and you deserve more, how will they know? There is simple way to do that – start blogging, ask and answer questions, ensure Google knows something about you. Share your knowledge in your team and project. If you learned something new, why do not share it. You will forget it if will not be trying it.

7.Never use Microsoft notepad to do coding. Use at least Notepad++.

8.When you see an application(web application or windows), tell yourself. If this is an application. Then it’s technically possible for me to build a similar one.

9.When you see an application(web application or windows), try to model it in your mind. Always ask yourself, can you build a similar application yourself. If not try to find the place where you think you might get stuck. And try to Google and find how to do it.

10.If you get stuck in a code logic for more than two hours; STOP your work; go out to have a tea or coffee, before trying it again.

11.Be confident. Help others and ask from others. Different people will have different aspects to solve an issue.

12.Never be ashamed, when you find the bug as a single line of code. Usually most of the bugs can be corrected in a single line of code. What matters is, how hard you tried in different aspects to solve the issue.

13.Find a mentor. This does not mean that you a need a person who will help you in doing your job – it is a coach or a more senior staff then you are. This means that you need a person who stays where you want to be and you need to take a leaf from his/her book. And if he will not be high enough – you will need to find another. But all the time you need to have that person. Also have people, friends if you will, who will help you keep on track. It could be your wife or girlfriend , or best friend who always supports you (in my case he is a developer, but this doesn’t matter).


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