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Gen Chrishantha de Silva Becomes Lankan Army Chief


COLOMBO: Maj Gen.Chrishantha de Silva has been appointed Commander of the Sri Lankan Army following the retirement of Lt.Gen.Daya Ratnayake on Friday.

Maj.Gen.de Silva was the senior most officer in the army when he was overlooked and Gen.Ratnayake was appointed by the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. He was posted in Russia as Deputy Ambassador instead.

Senior Defense Correspondent Iqbal Athas described Gen.de Silva’s appointment as al “good choice”. He belongs to the Combat Engineers Division and is the third engineer to rise to the highest position in the Lankan army.

Earlier, the media had reported that Maj.Gen Rambukpotha will be the new Commander because former Army chief and pro-government political leader Gen.Sarath Fonseka was pushing his case.Though an outstanding officer Maj.Gen.Rambukpotha’ s case was not entertained by the Sirisena government which decided to go for seniority.


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