We’ll be done for this rate – Gota

“The president does not heed any advice. Brother Chamal and I went to his house and described everything one by one a few days ago. When he is told so, he agrees. But, he does a totally different thing later. At this rate, we will not be able to walk on the streets. We cannot go to a foreign country. In the end, we will have to jump into the sea,” an emotional defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa tearfully told a friend at his home at no: 07, Flower Road, Colombo.

This house belongs to his friend Kavan Ratnayake, elder brother of former Matara district MP Sagala Ratnayake.

“Brother Basil and Namal have complicated everything. Yoshitha and Rohitha are in charge of the campaign. There is no coordination in their work. They suspect me too, because I am Maithri’s friend. Now, ministers are carrying tales against me that I opened the floating restaurant with Maithri after waiting for the president to leave the country. Maithri is my friend. We lost him due to our own faults. It is pointless to blame him now. If we do not rectify it, we will be done for,” he said in a dejected manner.

Kavan has said many things to pacify Gotabhaya, who remained silent for some time and left. According to our sources, this could be the beginning of a major turnaround.


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