First Brother in-law’s Casanova lifestyle creates major problems in President’s House

The Casanova style actions of First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa’s brother,SriLankan Airlines Chairman, Nishantha Wickremasinghe has created an internal rift in the Presidential house, it is learnt during the Presidential election campaign just getting started .

SriLankan Airlines is currently incurring a loss of close to US$ 20 million a month while the company’s Chairman has completely ignored the administrative work of the airline company. SriLankan Airlines is continuing to steadily deteriorate. However, the company’s chairman who has fallen for a damsel nearly half his age travels daily to Dubai to see her. The young girl, SR (name withheld), who was at the SriLankan Airlines office in Singapore has been promoted by the Chairman as the Marketing Manager and stationed her in Dubai. SR does not possess the necessary skills or qualifications to hold such an executive post in SriLankan Airlines. The Chairman had therefore sent her for a special training programme at Emirates at company cost. It is a well known secret that the chairman travels to Dubai at least four to five times a week to see her.

Everyone at SriLankan Airlines are now aware of the Chairman’s actions. Although the need to please his personal desires is a private affair, there is no option but to expose such acts when they are carried out at public expense. The Chairman does not show much interest in attending important strategic meetings where his presence is compulsory. However, he is in office by 8 a.m. ONLY when there are interviews for air hostesses.On such days he remains in office till late evenings until the final applicant leaves the office. This is the very first time in the history of the Airline that a Chairman of the Board of Directors attends such air hostesses interviews which are normally handled by the company’s HR officials. The employees are rather embarrassed of this unbecoming shameful behavior of their Chairman and now has no respect or regard for him any more.

Nishantha Wickremesinghe, who is around 65 years, pays great attention to beauty and make-up. The problem is that it is SriLankan Airlines that has to bear the costs of his beauticians and make-up. The make-up worn by the chairman had recently spilled all over his clothes when he had got wet by rain during a function. An embarrassed chairman had immediately left the event.

The President it is learnt is angry about his brother in-law’s behaviour and had asked media personnel close to him to attack the chairman without showing any mercy. It was due to this directive that questions were posed by the media recently on the large sum of monies and the Rolex wrist watch that were stolen from the chairman’s residence during a robbery. However, the President is unable to remove Nishantha Wickremasinghe from SriLankan Airlines since he is protected by his sister, The First Lady. The minute the President tries to say something against Nishantha, the First Lady says, “You first do what is right before trying to teach others.” The President then has no other option but to bite his lips in anger.

This is what Sri Lankans are asked to call “THE Wonder of Asia”!

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