5 Ways To Network In A New Workplace

There are those who are hold the mistaken notion that the requirement for professional networking is officially over once the job is in the bag. This couldn’t be further from the truth though. Internal networking helps you propel the upward trajectory of your career. Sreeradha D Basu gets you tips on how to network in a new organisation.

1. Ensure a Smooth Introduction

When you start a new job, it is unavoidable for you to be judged on your first impression, says Nitin Pande, senior VP – HR advisory and employee services lead, HCL Technologies. “An easy-going, informal yet interesting introduction to your co-workers could be a good way to begin the networking,” says Pande.

2. Take the Induction Seriously

Leverage the induction programme to the fullest, suggests Rajiv Burman, managing partner, Lighthouse Partners. “Be on time for all the scheduled meetings, listen attentively to the brief being given, and show curiosity by asking for any information you need,” says Burman.

3. Choose the Network Wisely

Even in the early stages, one’s internal networking needs to stretch beyond the people occupying the cubicles next to yours. Start your networking with people who stepped into the same role or department you are associated with, about a year or two ago, says Pande.

4. Build Relationships

“During induction meetings or even during casual interactions, chat with your supervisor, the inductees and other colleagues about your professional background and achievements. Simultaneously, identify common interests or people you know in common, as that helps build a closer bond,” says Burman.

5. Cast your Network Appropriately

Your method of networking should span across the organisation, says Pande. Having a mentor could also extend your networking reach upward. “Most of your internal networking efforts should remain informal and seem effortless. The aim should be to develop a reputation for trust and integrity while simultaneously developing positive relations with multiple personalities,” says Pande.


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