Holistic wellness

An editorial in the Organiser argues that Ayurveda is often referred to as an alternative medical science. Just as natural solar energy is considered an alternative source of power while artificially generated power is seen as the main source of energy, in healthcare, the natural is considered alternative. However, the “reality is traditional practices are original and complete in approach; and. Western medical science has emerged as supplementary rather than an alternative. Western medical science has come with better diagnostic technology and vaccines and the important role it can play is to support the natural practices of wellness.” argues the editorial.

It says the distrust between doctors and companions of patients is striking in the multi-speciality or super-speciality hospitals because relatives are not given details of the course of treatment and doctors are not sure of the diagnosis: “The nexus between drug companies and doctors is no hidden fact.” The article argues that the history of “Science of Life Care (Ayurveda)” shows that, conventionally, health was not limited to physical fitness: “It’s only with the evolution of modern Western medical science that the word health is equated with ‘wealth and physical treatments’. It does not mean that the ‘Western modern’ medical practices have had no contribution in wellness.” The editorial urges a holistic concept of wellness, primarily based on traditional wisdom.


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