UNP Leader’s Aspirations To Win Presidency Appears To be A Pipe Dream!

While most contestants of such competition dream of winning a Presidency during their lifetime they do so with an unblemished track record and the backing of the majority vote!! This seems hardly likely in the case of the UNP’s Ranil Wickremasinghe as he has disentitled himself to the privilege on many counts and has virtually proven himself to be a mere power hungry aspirant to the title sans the credential needed a he has already had his chance and apparently totally blown it.

What shows him in the guise of a dreamer becomes painfully apparent when scrutinising his track record where he has on more than one occassion showed the willingness to sell out the country to western powers who were prepared to use him as a pawn to undermine the present admninistration as well as his willingness to bargain away Sri Lanka to her adversaries such as the mendacious Tamil Tigers who at one time appeared to dictate terms to him and precipitated his virtual demise as a resul when he defaultedt.There could have been severe reprisals for Sri Lanka had Ranil’s covert alliance with the LTTE borne fruit but fortunately for the Nation it did not. Perhaps due to the perceptions of the present Administration itself although it did not come down hard enough on him when it should have.

Synonymously when the main opposition United National Party (UNP) in a news bulletin says ” it is confident of securing a historic victory” at the next Presidential elections they must surely be deluding themselves or contemplating a leadership change prior to that but unlikely based on the time factor involved although stranger things have happened in the political spectrum of Sri Lanka although no leadership change appears to be capable of tarnishing or altering the huge popularity ratings President Rajapaksa has in Sri Lanka today!

The simplest question needs to be asked “What Has Ranil Wickremasinghe Done For Sri Lanka To Deserve The Presidency And What Are His Credentials Which makes Him So deserving ?” to which the sad answer would be “Practically Nothing Other Than Attempt At Any Cost To Grab Power ~ by hook or by crook to put it simply!

Therefore when UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, speaking at a UNP rally held at Hyde Park in Colombo recently , says that his party has just a short way to go in its climb to the top of the mountain, he must either be dreaming or very persevering in his attempt to climb to the top of this mountain he refers to and virtually an attempt at Mt. Everest ( the outcome of that needing no rocket science to interpret!).

On a more realistic note UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa when saying that “the UNP cannot win without the support of the party organisers and supporters around the island and calling on them to rally around the UNP to attempt rather than ensure its victory which seems more plausible than the exhortations of pipe dreamer Wickremasinghe and perhaps in a hypothetical sense had the former been the leader of the UNP the outcome might prove to be indicative that the voting public may be more favourable towards him relatively although hardly strong enough to grant him incumbency over the present regime as the Nation truly appreciates what it has done for Sri Lanka under the present leadership.

When musing that I can tell you we will secure a historic victory be it at a Presidential or General election,” Premadasa seems to have done exactly that( Muse) with a bit of wishful thinking attached to it albeit softer toned than Mr.Wickremasinghe who sounds as though he it attempting to fool all the people all the time with nothing substantial to offer them beyond his rhetoric!

To add to what many believe is his deceit and duplicity, Wickremesinghe has insisted that” he never met the pro-LTTE diaspora in London during his recent visit to the UK.” when all the news reports indicated that he had done exactly that and that his mission was to coincide with the EU’s lifting its ban on the proscribed LTTE or be part and parcel in its execution confirmed by very reliable sources.There are many who have drawn conclusions given his track record that this was yet another attempt on his part to discredit the present Sri Lanka Administration, so is this the kind of leader the Nation needs? one might ask, to which the answer is self providing in a very negative sense !

The denials of his culpability to barter with as well as compromise the best interests of Sri Lanka towards his own gain is nothing new with the UNP leader where there is more than one situation during his political career indicative of this. That he has not been taken to task for such is a remarkable portrayal of tolerance on the part of the Administration where there are some who insist that his actions are treasonous which to the more conservative observer might seem debatable!

While he has said that some newspapers had published a photograph claiming it was his meeting with the diaspora he has insisted that he had never met such groups. either in London or in any other country indicative of his capability to stare one right between the eyes and deny blatant facts with all the incriminating evidence staring him right in the face. The information obtained was posted with confidence and credibility that traversed the international Press where had it been innuendo would hardly be worth a second glance. It seems to have caused quite a furore instead which attests to its veracity!

At the appropriate time Sri Lanka should and will have a regime change but in all probabilities never accommodate the likes of Wickremasinghe who should gracefully bow out of aspirations beyond his capability as it would certainly be in the best interests of Sri Lanka!


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