Ansell completes second biomass boiler in Sri Lanka

Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, announced the completion of its second biomass boiler at the Ansell Lanka factory complex in Biyagama.

This new boiler is expected to bring significant reductions in energy consumption at the site as well as reduce CO2 emissions. This project is in line with Ansell’s global strategy of increasing its use of renewable energy sources.

The new boiler has a capacity of 12.5MW and will be the largest hot water boiler in Sri Lanka. Ansell Lanka already has a 10.5MW boiler installed at its premises, which reduced CO2, emissions by 11,000 MT per annum. The company anticipates the reduction of a further 14,000 MT of CO2 emissions annually as furnace oil consumption will now be reduced to the bare minimum.

“The construction of a second biomass boiler at our factory is yet another step taken by Ansell Lanka in our plans to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible,” said Ansell Lanka General Manager/Country Director Hasith Prematillake.

“Through the implementation of this project we hope to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution caused by burning fossil fuels, while also reducing the cost of energy at our site.”

“Unlike fossil fuels, CO2 released during the combustion of biomass materials is recaptured by the growth of these same materials, completing a closed carbon cycle,” said Ansell Manager Utility Engineering and Manufacturing Dayan Gunawardena.

“Hence, biomass combustion is considered to be carbon-neutral and has no net increases in CO2 released to the atmosphere. In addition, through controlled combustion, the project improves environmental quality by reducing not only greenhouse gases, but also harmful air pollutants such as particulates, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrous and sulphur oxides that are present in furnace oil.”

The new multi-million (USD) biomass boiler was custom built for Ansell Lanka by Thermotech Systems – India and has resulted in several new indirect job opportunities due to the need for increased raw material supplies.


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