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New app protects your snaps from screenshots

Washington: A new photo sharing app called Yovo protects your pictures and messages from screenshots.

Developed by a privacy software company called ContentGuard, the iOS-enabled app uses a common optical illusion to make your sent snaps a lot harder for the receiver to screenshot.

“Everyone is becoming more conscious of the digital trail they leave. It seems as though there isn’t a day that goes by where we do not see a headline about the consequences of inadvertent or malicious digital publication of our private lives,” its developer Scott Richardson was quoted as saying in media reports.

Yovo uses the Barrier Grid illusion, which is similar to what we might experience driving past a picket fence.

As we move fast, our eyes tend to see the stationary scene behind the palings rather than the palings themselves, CNET reported.

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When we take a picture, the app overlays a blurred grille over the image.

When the receiver opens the image, the grille moves, allowing them to see the picture.

But if they try to take a screenshot, it will always result in an image with blurred sections.

The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes app store.


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Sri Lanka restores blood-soaked railway to Tamil heartland

A railway in Sri Lanka that runs through mine-fields and snake-infested jungle is to reopen on Monday, nearly a quarter of a century after a bloody ethnic conflict shut it down. Trains to the northern peninsula of Jaffna ground to a halt 24 years ago after dozens of passengers were killed in attacks by guerrillas seeking an independent homeland for Sri Lanka’s minority Tamils.

The railway was ripped up to make bunkers after a truce between the Tamil Tiger rebels and government forces collapsed and fighting erupted in June 1990.

Five years after the government declared victory in May 2009, the scars of the conflict remain, with bombed-out homes and buildings still visible.

Reopening the railway was a priority to allow reconstruction materials to be brought into the area devastated by years of war and restore a key lifeline to Jaffna which is also the political capital of the northern province.

But it has not been easy.

The work took a full three years, with workers on the 146-kilometre (91-mile) single track having to down tools at night for fear wild animals would attack.

“I first came to inspect the area (in 2009) with military escorts,” said project director Shyam Lal Gupta. “De-mining the area was one of our main challenges.” Professionals from Sri Lanka and India, which provided an $800 million credit line to rebuild railways after the war ended, were deployed to clear mines and unexploded ordnance.

But the team still found 10 landmines during the project.

Snakes were another hazard — at one point Gupta, who works for Indian Railways Construction company IRCON, found a pair mating on what was going to be his construction site.

More than a million Tamils live in Jaffna, which was first connected to the rest of the Sinhalese-majority island through a rail link in 1905 under British colonial rule.

The Jaffna railway station, site of many battles between troops and Tamil Tigers, was also a key lifeline for security forces before the guerrilla war for a separate Tamil homeland escalated three decades ago.


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Mahela endorses Standard Chartered

At a simple ceremony held at Standard Chartered’s Head Office, cricketer Mahela Jayawardene signed on to endorse the bank.

Mahela will lend his voice and image rights on occasion to enhance the bank’s corporate social responsibility activities and business development. This very unique arrangement will serve to highlight social issues and product introductions with greater community appeal.

Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered and signatory to the agreement this morning said: “Mahela is an inspiration not only because of his prowess as an international cricketer and sportsman, but also because his success and achievement sit so lightly on his shoulders. Standard Chartered is privileged to be associated with such a personality and we hope the relationship will grow to be a meaningful one for us all.”

Mahela Jayawardene who took time off to speak to some truly star struck employees, speaking to a small gathering and thanking the bank for the opportunity, said: “I am honoured to endorse Standard Chartered. I am looking forward to working with the bank in the years to come.”

At Standard Chartered, sustainability is integrated into the way in which the bank carries out its business, and the Brand and Marketing team will look forward to working with Mahela to raise the impact of its CSR initiatives. Promoting the social and economic wellbeing of communities is a critical component of Standard Chartered’s strategy to support sustainable development in Sri Lanka.


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