Ebola killing robot developed in US


Little Moe can rid a hospital room of germs in 5 minutes and destroy Ebola on any surface in 2 minutes. A Texas-based company has developed an Ebola killing robot that can clean a hospital room in five minutes and destroy the virus by fusing its DNA.

The germ-killing robot, called Little Moe developed by Xenex, uses ultraviolet light to sterilise a room. A spokeswoman for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas said the germ-zapping robot works by flashing surfaces with ultraviolet light which in turn damages viral DNA.

It can rid a hospital room of germs in 5 minutes and destroy Ebola on any surface in 2 minutes. The robot blasts 1.5 pulses per second in every direction, in-effect killing the virus.

Though, the robot works on ultraviolet light rays, the company claims it is safe for humans as it does not use any form of chemicals or other substances.

Dr Mark Stibich, who works with Xenex said, “Our customers have seen and reported in the medical literature a reduction in these infections in the rate of up to 50 percent.” The machine is being used in 250 hospitals across the US, including the Dallas hospital where doctors are treating the first man diagnosed with Ebola in US.

Thomas Duncan, 42, became ill after arriving in Texas from Liberia two weeks ago, heightening concerns that the worst Ebola epidemic on record could spread to US from West Africa, where it began in March.


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