Kshenuka caused Sajin-Chris incident!


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This is the low level to which our Diplomatic Service has sunk. What a mess we are in.

External affairs ministry secretary Kshenuka Seneviratne has caused the incident involving Sri Lankan high commissioner in UK Dr. Chris Nonis and the ministry’s supervising MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardena at a party at the home of Dilan Ariyawansa in New Jersy on September 23.

According to the ministry’s tradition, both the minister and the secretary cannot tour foreign countries at the same time, but in a total disregard for that tradition, the supervising MP has got his closest friend Kshenuka Seneviratne included in the president’s New York visit. Since the time the late A.C.S. Hameed was the foreign minister, Kshenuka has been known to carry tales and engage in activities outside her duties, and it is no secret that she is jealous of Dr. Nonis from the day he was appointed the HC.

Her opportunity to take revenge from him came at Dilanâ’s home. Kshenuka has got her friend Sajin Vaas to consume liberal doses of Johnny Walker Blue Label and told him ill about Dr. Nonis, several persons at the party overheard. All three met together for the first time since Kshenuka’s appointment as the ministry secretary.

In a loving, but weeping voice, Kshenuka has told Sajin Vaas that Dr. Nonis had referred to her a few years ago as a half baked bitch.This man from Ambalangoda thought of earning some marks from his queen of dreams, went to the HC and demanded to know as to why he had described his angel as a half baked bitch a few years ago. Perplexed by this question, Dr. Nonis has asked with a smile, Why should I call her a half baked bitch? Angered by this reply, the man from Ambalangoda has demonstrated his tribal Behaviour in front of the civilized society.

After being inhumanly assaulted by Sajin Vaas, the HC has left the place and arrived at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, where the president was staying, and related to him the insult he had been subjected to. The president’s response was Do not take that seriously, Chris. He is a madman. He would not have behaved like that had that woman not provoked him. I will take care of them both. After taking his leave from the president, Dr. Nonis has departed for London. By then, he has sent his resignation to the president, with copies to the ministry. Fulfilling her wish for a long time, Kshenuka has become overjoyed. Sajin Vaas returned to his normal self only after he got slapped by the president.

When British MPs have inquired from him about the incident, Dr. Nonis has told them that the president should choose between him and Sajin Vaas. The president’s most likely choice will be Sajin Vaas, who fulfills all his wishes.


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    Prof- Rajiv Wijesinghe says GL PIeris is spineless- (Kondak Naha)

    G. L. PIERIS (as Foreign Minister) should have made a statement on the NONIS issue. He has been totally silent. We have seen in the media interviews /statements from Dr Nonis and Sajin VAAS. GL as Minister Silent – a COWARD

    See also this Parliament Speech of Anura Kumara Dissanayake giving the list of political appointments in Foreign Embassies

    http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=AIIHZnOPseQ

    Of 49 Ambassadors only 11 are Diplomats – All other Political appointments. Daughters/sons of party members.

    For example Canberra 20 staff working only 1 from the Service.


    You are a disgrace to our beloved school, University and the legal Profession.

    HONOURABLY RESIGN- Rhodes scholars; Oxford scholars will laugh at you. Waste of a class education.

    All this sacrifice of decency, basic values – for a few foreign trips. (Daily you are harassed by Sajin Vaas- Kshenuka)

    Group of Old Thomians

    Group of Colombo University Alumni

    Group of Colombo Law College Alumni


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