Terrorists are united so shall we against them says Sri lanka envoy

By Walter Jayawardhana


Jaliya Wickramasuriya speaking at the meetingDean of the Consular Corps Roy G Young , Consul General of belize receiving a gold plated tea chest from Sri lanka Consul General jaliya WickramasuriyaThe Consul General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles Jaliya Wickramasuriya told the monthly meeting of all Consul Generals in Los Angeles that one reason all civilized nations should be united against terrorism is because all terrorist Groups are united against all civilized nations in the world today.

He said, for instance many inventions of terror like suicide boats and suicide jackets by Sri Lanka’s most innovative terrorist group the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in no time were transferred to Al Queda for a price although the two groups are not ideologically similar.

“That fact alone,” said Jaliya Wickramasuriya, “alarmingly indicate that all civilized nations represented by us should be united in fighting the common enemy of the 21st century – terrorism. “

Wickramasuriy told the representatives of many nations of the world who were meeting at a luncheon meeting hosted by the Japanese Consul General Kazuo Kodama that Sri Lanka has been attacked by some of the worst terrorists in the world similar to the ones who glaringly exposed themselves by the barbaric attack on 9/11.

Wickramasuriya said, the most innovative well-armed terrorist group has beeen hampering the progress of the country for the last two decades.

He said the vicious terrorist group is hell bent on dividing the small 25,000 square mile island and carve out a mono-ethnic Fascist regime.

“We are a parliamentary democracy. So, we have to take extra measures to protect human rights while fighting this terrorist menace that makes it more difficult,” he said.

He said the warm reception of the Consular Corps reminded him of his home, Sri Lanka, a very hospitable nation. He said back at home any visitor to even the poorest home would never be allowed to leave without being offered a warm cup of tea.

He said, “At home we greet any visitor on arrival or departure or anyone else with the traditional greeting – AYUBOWAN meaning may you live long. Likely, let me greet you by saying Ayubowan.”

Wickramasuriya made a special thanks to the Dean of the Consular Corps Roy G. Young for making the coordination among the Consul General’s a very comfortable one for all. He also presented a gold plated Tea chest to him on behalf of the government of Sri Lanka.

At the luncheon the Japanese Consul General Kazuo Kodama spoke on the Japanese foreign policy – Focus on East Asia. Invited special guest Dr. Jodi Finkel, Assistant Professor of Politlcal Sclence, Loyola Marymount University, delivering the keynote address spoke to the foreign envoys on “The Unintended Consequences of Limited Reforms -The rise of the new left in Latin Amelica” The Vice Dean C.G.Brasioli of Italy introduced the newly arrived Chefs de Poste Jaliya Wickramasuriya of Sri Lanka and Mohamed Abu Zafa of Bangladesh at the luncheon.

Pic by Wendy Wagner

(1) Jaliya Wickramasuriya speaking at the meeting

(2) Dean of the Consular Corps Roy G Young, Consul General of belize receiving a gold plated tea chest from Sri lanka Consul General jaliya Wickramasuriya

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