Daily Archives: February 25, 2007


By Walter Jayawardhana

In the continuing military thrusr in the North East of the cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam gave up two more camps named Tango One and Baskaran Base fled to the jungles of Wannin the Ministry of Defense announced.

A large quantity of ammunition mines and explosives like C4 was among the things the terrorists left when they fled published lists of the army show.

With the capture of these two camps a total number of five camps of the LTTE were left in the hands of the army in the North East connecting the path to the LTTE’s Wanni hideout, the Ministry of Defense said.

The following is the statement the Ministry issued:

“Two LTTE transit Bases identified as “Tango One’ and ‘Baskaran Base’ were swamped by the SL security forces in a successful ‘joint and clearing operation’ conducted in the thickets of the northern part of the east port city Trincomalee.

“According to defence sources a total of five LTTE transit bases were overrun during the past 72 hours, in the un-cleared patches between Nilaveli and Kumburupiddiya, 15 miles North East of Trincomalee.

“The elite Naval Special Boat Squadron (SBS) and the Naval Patrolmen unit troops recovered a supply of weapons, explosives and ammunition during the successful clearing operation.

“Military intelligence circuits believe that the LTTE terrorists have fled further north east towards the un-cleared Wanni area, unable to withstand the joint military thrust.

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