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Mr. Bauer, what’s your agenda?

by K. Godage
Formerly of Sri Lanka Foreign Service

Mr. Bauer, we do not know what instructions you have from your PM after his meeting with our President but the so called Peace Process that began with the signing of the CFA crafted in secret to help the LTTE by its friend and yours Solheim in February 2002 is dead, rigor mortis has also set in, you are flogging a dead horse, face that fact and explore the possibility of working out another arrangement but not one to bail out the LTTE. Neither those who parented the process nor those who were compelled to adopt it are prepared to bury the remains, do hope they are not expecting a resurrection, that will not take place but the ghosts from the past will continue to haunt us.


Many autopsies would no doubt be performed in the days and months ahead to determine the causes of the ‘death’; some causes seem self evident. The lack of a total commitment on both sides and the intransigence of the LTTE to abandon their pursuit of Eelam and their persistence with terrorism and violence to achieve their goal has been a major reason for the death of the peace process..


Duplicity is a part of the stock in trade of the LTTE, three times before have we been deceived by the LTTE and our soldiers have paid a heavy price for the follies of na`EFve trusting, politicians who have taken the word of the LTTE. This time, as is to be expected, when the LTTE is on the run they seek to buy time to regroup and rearm no doubt with missiles to counter the advantage we have over them in the air to attack us in the future; They will without any doubt use any ceasefire to prepare to continue their journey to Eelam at a future time when they are ready. To agree to a ceasefire is to play into the hands of the LTTE and to agree to an unconditional ceasefire is to agree to committing suicide!

So where do we go from here is the next question? Read the rest of this entry


Lankan Americans protest LTTE policies

Washington, Oct. 5 (PTI): Sri Lankan Americans held a demonstration outside the White House to protest the policies of Tamil Tiger rebels, including the recruitment of child soldiers and ethnic cleansing.

The demonstrators, who held a banner saying that the Island Nation was with the United States in the war against terrorism, thanked Washington for recently unearthing agents of the LTTE who were trying to procure arms in this country.

The protestors from the Greater Washington Area yesterday called for a continued vigil to prevent America being used by the Tamil Tigers and its front outfits. Four Sri Lankan associations in Washington D.C. – the Sri Lanka Ranga Kala Kavaya, Apey Kattiya, Sri Lanka Association of Washington D.C. & Greater Washington and Friends of Sri Lanka in the USA— also submitted a petition to President George W Bush.

They would also submit a petition to Anne Veneman, Executive Director UNICEF, urging action on the "LTTE war on Children". Detailing the activities of the Tamil Tigers, the petition to Bush hailed the United States’ support to Sri Lanka especially in designating the LTTE as a foreign terrorist organisation and in assisting the Lankan military.

"… We would urge that this support be strengthened and continued. The world cannot allow the expansion of terrorism in South Asia through the actions of the LTTE in Sri Lanka which have encouraged terrorists elsewhere in the world", the petition said. -Island

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