Innovative, trilingual children’s magazine launched

Sri Lanka Solidarity announced the launch of a new magazine ‘Yuti’ which caters especially to children in Sri Lanka. ‘Yuti’, which means ‘unity’ in Sanskrit, aims to ‘inspire, challenge and educate children, by exposing them to knowledge which they would otherwise have little access to’ according to Editor Carmen Perera.

The magazine will be distributed free of charge to children throughout rural Sri Lanka, with emphasis given to distribution among children who are suffering from trauma due to natural disasters or armed conflict. The publishers eventually hope to reach close 1.2 million Sri Lankan children.

‘Yuti’ incorporates a fresh new approach to magazine design, one aspect of which is its trilingual format; the magazine carries articles and features in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Its attractive, colourful design makes innovative use of graphics and illustration and contains features, games and interactive sections to captivate the attention and interest of children.

Content will be mainly educational, presented in a way that appeals to children, and covers a wide range of subjects. Among these will be science, world history, nature, the environment, arts, sports, technology and more.

The magazine will also place particular emphasis on Sri Lanka’s own impressive, colourful history and cultural heritage.

‘The success of this exciting new project will see the creation of a new and authoritative resource for children of Sri Lanka,’ says publisher and founder of Sri Lanka Solidarity Philippe Fabry. ‘Not only will children enjoy the magazine for themselves, it can also be used as an educational tool by parents and teachers as they guide children along the path towards independent, informed and responsible young adulthood.’

‘Yuti’ will be published under the local NGO Sri Lanka Solidarity, which is supported by Solidarité Laique.

Solidarité Laique is a French NGO dedicated to making the universal right to education a reality around the world, using lasting solutions. The organization works closely with local partners and is involved in seven education-related projects in post-tsunami Sri Lanka. These range from school reconstruction to equipment supply and professional teacher training. -Financial Times

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