Bauer a facilitator or agent for int’l terrorism?

by S. L. Gunasekera and Gomin Dayasri

"That does not agree with the politics the government is conducting, they wish to brand the LTTE as terrorists and isolate them internationally and this is where we differ from the pattern they wish to create".

So said the Norwegian Special Envoy Jon Hanssen Bouer to the "World Today" on NRK P2 Radio on 30th August.

The question whether the LTTE is a terrorist organization or not is neither a question of "politics" nor of subjective preference but rather an objective question of fact to be determined on the evidence. So many countries, after much deliberation and careful consideration, belatedly recognized the LTTE as a terrorist organization. If so, why are the Norwegians reluctant to recognize the fact and call a spade a spade?

This is the weakness of the Norwegian facilitator- intentionally and deliberately failing to evaluate the correct status of the LTTE and the existing situation in Sri Lanka. If they, like the rest of the world, had opened their eyes to the facts rather than following the ridiculous practice for which the ostrich is famed, and recognized the LTTE for what it indisputably is, namely, a terrorist outfit, they may have made more progress as a facilitator. They would be functioning from a realistic platform. Instead their desire to be a launderer to cleanse the LTTE, makes the Norwegians a failed and a biased facilitator. Not only are they being deliberately blind and deaf, but figuratively `dumb’ at best or perverse and dishonest at worst.

By these naïve and irresponsible or perverse and dishonest utterances, the Norwegians have publicly exposed themselves as propagandists of, or apologists for the LTTE and left no room for doubt that they are not, and never have been a balanced, genuine or honest facilitator. Were the Norwegians wearing blinkers while the LTTE committed atrocities in Sri Lanka and indulged collecting funds internationally to purchase arms? What steps did the Norwegians take to prevent these heinous crimes against humanity? These events took place during the period they were a facilitator. From the above pronouncement of the Special Envoy Bauer, it appears that these citizens from the land of the Nobel Prize have kept themselves occupied campaigning on behalf of the LTTE to prevent them from being branded as terrorists and from being internationally isolated. It is common knowledge that the Norwegians strained every nerve, muscle and fibre in their efforts as emissaries for the LTTE before the EU countries to save them from being branded as terrorists. It is thus no wonder that the Norwegians are sulking because they failed miserably in that foul endeavor. Is this the role the Norwegians are expected to play as an honest facilitator? Do the Norwegians fail to see that action is being taken around the world to prevent and save humanity from the type of horrific terrorist activity which has become the hallmark of the LTTE ? It is apparent that in Norway, where the LTTE freely roams and receives invitations to visit as honoured guests, no such illegal action has been detected. Is it a safe haven for terrorists?

Terrorist are internationally isolated. No borders are open to them to further their illegal operations. This is Special Envoy Bauer’s complaint. It is his wistful thinking that the LTTE a determined terrorist organization, should be internationally accepted to enable them to roam freely and collect funds for terrorist operations. Is Bauer a facilitator from a civilized nation or an agent for international terrorism? Naturally and understandably Bauer, possessed as he is of a positively perverse and malefic mindset wishes Sri Lanka to follow suit .The refusal to do so has incurred his wrath. Is it a reading of the Norwegian policy on terrorism? [via… The Island]

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