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Colombo to be firm in Chateau de Bossey

Contrary to press reports in Sri Lanka, Colombo is to take a hard negotiating position against the LTTE when they meet on the 22nd in the Chateau de Bossey, in Celigny, north western Switzerland.

The Sri Lankan delegation arrived on Monday and took up residence in the Chateau in the afternoon. Minister, Nimal Siripala De Silva`s role is to be restricted to delivering the opening speech.

The LTTE delegation had arrived several days before and is involved in fund raising efforts in Switzerland.

The LTTE in Geneva operates via its front the `International Federation of Tamils`. It`s actually a small flat in Geneva which I visited a few years ago. On that occasion I was treated politely.

The LTTE uses the `International Federation of Tamils` as a front for periodic press releases in support of the LTTE in the name of the Tamil civilians. The LTTE which got unnerved after the recent speech by the US Ambassador issued a press release from this small flat criticising the US Ambassadors speech making it look as if Tamils world wide were protesting against the US Ambassadors speech. It was like the LTTE throwing grenades at the Sri Lankan forces and condemning the Tamil civilians in Jaffna for doing it.

In this instance, the LTTE were issuing press releases from a small periodically occupied flat in Geneva and calling it the `International Federation of Tamils`, making grand claims pretending it to be large numbers of organisations of Tamil civilians protesting against the US Ambassador.

Anton Ponrajah is the co-ordinating secretary of the `International Federation of Tamils` and he periodically visits the flat in Geneva with his co-workers to carry out LTTE work in relation to the United Nations in Geneva. Kirubakaran, who heads the LTTE`s `human rights` operation from Paris also periodically visits the flat of the `International Federation of Tamils` when he has `Human rights` work relating to the LTTE with the UN Human Rights commission.

One of their ongoing tasks is to ensure that LTTE human rights violations are not highlighted in Geneva and to remove any such material distributed by other Tamils groups in Geneva.

On more than one occasion those operating from the `International Federation of Tamils` have been observed removing pamphlets and other material highlighting LTTE human rights violations from UN Premises.

The talks in Switzerland are being held in a particularly negative global environment for the LTTE. Canada is in the process of listing the LTTE as a terrorist organisation and the Parliament in the United Kingdom passed a new law last week, making `glorifying terrorism` an offence. This will have an impact on Balasingham`s hero`s day speeches, delivered at the London Arena, which threatens the Sri Lankan citizens with war and death. This is no different to the periodic Osama tapes released in the Middle -east, threatening the citizens of the United States and Europe with chaos and destruction.-Island- By Dushy Ranetunge

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